our mission

Collective Healing informs and inspires people to take back their health into their own hands, to develop their potential and to awaken to a fulfilled life.

We believe self-healing is an innate might that can be vitalized for our transformation.  The caterpillar went through such a wonder-full process on its way to become a butterfly. That is why the butterfly became our logo.

Collective Healing shares knowledge, wisdom, exercises and imaginations to empower people to guide their lives into well-being, luck and fulfillment.

Collective Healing offers a unique platform for non-professionals and professionals to connect, to exchange and to give birth to ideas for a healthy happy fulfilled future all around the globe.

our professional trainings

Do you love to learn? Do you love to share your insights and experiences? Do you want to optimize your therapeutical offering? Do you want to find more fulfillment and inspiration in your work?

We created a certification to accelerate your practice to the next level. This certification teaches you to lead enthusiastic self-healing groups: thus, your clients learn to take the responsibility for their health back into their own hands and to heal the collective at the same time.

You can integrate your therapeutical background, your methods and your experiences in our certification program to improve your competence and the health of your clients.

If you have a medical or psychological background, if you come from coaching or wellness and if you want to make a quantum leap in your health practice then enrole into our questionaire to see if you are qualified for the certification.

our courses

Do you feel exhausted, stressed or sick?
You are not alone.
We live in overwhelming times.
Change becomes the most important constant.
We need to adapt, to change, to transform to stay healthy.

As a transformational rite of passage we created a course
“Self-healing: Nine Steps Into the Wealth of Health”, which systematically guides you to discover and inspire your self-healing mights, to awaken and to remember your innate creative potential. 

our Online Campus

Our online campus will start 2020.

Cancer: understand – prevent – transform

“I thank for the tools you have given me to create a beautiful life.” 

what others say

our blog

Self-healing is natural, proven, free of charge and always with you.
Our blog offers information, exercises, imaginations and healing stories from ancient and modern cultures all around the globe.

We combined 30 years of research with 35 years of practical experience to inform and inspire you to transform your body, heart and spirit.
A happy, healthy and fulfilled life is your birth present.

we are looking forward to connect with you