About Dr. Alexandra Kleeberg

Dr. Alexandra Kleeberg, a licensed psychotherapist, speaker, trainer, and author, is the co-founder of Collective Healing. The publishing company is dedicated to educating, supporting and empowering you to achieve optimal health and well-being by providing simple tools and creating a welcoming community.

Alexandra’s strong belief in the power of self-healing is evident in her group psychotherapy and training materials. She teaches people the skills and knowledge they need to tap into the power of self-healing.

Alexandra has diplomas in Psychology and Jungian Psychoanalysis and has completed her Ph.D. research on Creative Processes in Group Psychotherapy. In addition, she has undertaken intensive Shamanic Studies for 20 years and has certificates in Behaviour Therapy, Psychodrama Therapy, and Clinical Psychology.

For the past three decades, Alexandra explored the benefits of self-healing from ancient and modern cultures around the world. She analysed the knowledge gained and translated it into present day western language to support her clients.

For the past 35 years, Alexandra has helped thousands of individuals and groups in her own psychotherapist practice. Alexandra continued to develop her knowledge on the connection between the body, mind, and soul, applying it into her own group psychotherapy practice.

The result was her clients healed themselves from many kinds of physical and mental illnesses and in the process felt inspired, empowered and deeply supported.

What Alexandra discovered was that it is more powerful for people to self-heal. They feel more joy and self-esteem, are more creative, find their dignity and emotional freedom. A further benefit is a positive impact on psychotherapists. They feel more energy, joy, and creativity helping others to self-heal.

Alexandra believes in the deep power from the wisdom of the body, the freedom of the mind and the love of the heart, which allows you to heal yourself. The secret is that healing is learnable and trainable.

"Healing is life. Life is healing."

Since 2008 Alexandra combined her knowledge and practical experience to develop a specific structured healing approach called Self-Healing by Embodi-Mental Imagination (known as SHEMI), which empowers people to learn how to heal themselves. SHEMI combines the power of imagination and physical exercises to implant healing images into the cellular system.

Alexandra is passionate about sharing this information. She became a trainer so she could fulfil her vision, which is everyone should have access to the knowledge of self-healing.

To this day, Alexandra combines medicine and psychology, ancient wisdom and new research, practical experiences and enthusiastic visions to tap into the power of self-healing.

Alexandra is dedicated to learning, creating and connecting with clients and therapists in order to achieve the mission of Collective Healing.

Books / Courses / Programms

Upcoming book: “Self-Healing: Nine Steps into the Wealth of Health” (in English)

Upcoming book: “Healing every Day” (in English)

Nine Steps into the Wealth of Health 90-day online training course and certification program (in English and German)

Health for Hearts training course and upcoming book (in German 2017, in English 2018)

Book: “Self-Healing: Nine Steps into the Wealth of Health” (“Neun Schritte in Deine Mitte”) (in German)

Co-Author with Dr. Joe Vitale of Amazon Bestseller “The Prosperity Factor”

Book: The Book of Self-healing (“Das Buch der Selbstheilung”) (in German)

Book and CD: Healing Every Day (“Selbstheilung im Alltag”) (in German)

Children’s Book: “You Are Extraordinary” (in English, German and Spanish)

Alexandra Kleeberg YouTube Channel with over 30 videos


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About Dietrich Busacker

Dietrich Busacker is the co-founder and CEO of Collective Healing as well as co-founder and CEO of ECO-Consult.

For the past 30 years, Dietrich has contributed to the transformation of societies, policies and human behaviour to create a more sustainable world, through his experience as an international development consultant, sociologist, and a visionary entrepreneur.

Dietrich co-founded ECO-Consult 25 years ago. Today it is one of the leading German development consulting companies for education, renewable natural resources management, climate change adaptation, and decentralisation.

ECO-Consult is an established provider of international consultancy services in planning, management, monitoring and evaluation of projects, programmes and policies.

Dietrich has contributed to his company’s successful implementation of hundreds of long-term and short-term projects in over 80 countries.

One of his major lessons from his 30 years’ experience working in Africa came from a chieftain in Chad. When the chieftain was asked what was the most important result of their community and forest development collaboration, he answered “We have learnt to think differently”. Dietrich understands it is the mindset that transforms the world.

In addition to his experience as an international development consultant, sociologist and a visionary entrepreneur, Dietrich is a workshop facilitator, trainer, and coach for his teams.

Using his 30 years of experience in intercultural context, inspired by the effectiveness of Alexandra’s self-healing method and the teachings of modern transformational leaders, Dietrich developed the mission of a transformational company with Alexandra.

It was then Collective Healing was created.

Dietrich and Alexandra will achieve this mission by educating, supporting and empowering you to achieve optimal health and to develop your full potential.

About Collective Healing

In the beautiful surrounds of Lago Maggiore (Lake Maggiore) a clear vision for a transformational company came to life.

While Dietrich and Alexandra snow walked in the high mountains surrounding Ticino Valley, they reflected on the powerful teaching of Vishen Lakhiani. In that moment the idea of Collective Healing started.

Like a butterfly, that radically transforms itself from a caterpillar into a new beautiful creature, so too did the company.

Collective Healing emerged from a vision, an idea into a company that has transformed the lives of hundreds of people.

Collective Healing is a purposeful company focused on being 100% positive, supportive and transformational in all areas of life. Collective Healing shapes the future of humanity by working on the future of our health system; our innate wisdom of healing belongs back to the people. Collective Healing brings it into families, kindergarten, classrooms, business places and retirement homes.

The mission of Collective Healing is THANC… Transform, Heal, Act, Network and Change (the world).